The Good Form That Remains For LG

It is interesting to see the evolution in the market for LG, rather than sales it, the appreciation is gained which is marked by each passing year. The Koreans came late to Android, there were many companies that were more established and join hands with Microsoft, but their good work is giving results.

Well done if you understand that what the products look like and they get benefits and another thing is to compare market shares with Chinese companies selling phones like hotcakes. To which we, at CES 2015 has sat well with LG.

From Reuters, who are very aware of economic movements we have the LG Electronics shares have risen in price by 4.7%, considerably more than the overall market, which has done an improved 1.1%.

Also to blame other elements of the house as the powerful line of televisions, or smart range of appliances, but the reality is that mobile also help. Interestingly these have not been very active in the issue of wearable, possibly they leave for MWC, or want to do when web OS is something more solid.

Welcomed the LG G Flex 2

The curved phone has not seemed so experiment on this occasion, is presented as a more mature product which also debuts Qualcomm technology and know little to sell and I’m sure it will work better on the market than the first Flex.

Gaining ground in the US

Such an important market as the US has much to do in improving LG, since in recent months have been raising market share significantly.

In November they turned to what they had and progressed to 16.3% in the American country. Given that the previous year was 7.4%, growth is to be considered. Samsung moves in figures close to 25%.

Much of the blame lies with the LG G3 which is liked by media and public, premiering many new things in high-end successfully, as higher resolution screens, camera technology, or buttons on the back.

Analysts have ingredients to think of a better 2015 with further growth. In Kiwoom Securities it is believed that LG has much to gain from the decline in competitiveness of Samsung mobile devices. Your neighbors are going to spend some time reorganizing catalog with a new strategy based on fewer models and supposedly better quality.

Does the LG year G4?

In view of the investment that LG is doing in the mobile division, and that the market calls for an Android alternative to the iPhone’s dominance in the higher range as we suspect that the next model of LG will remove prominence to the next renewal Galaxy S. About the name, there seems little doubt that it will continue the numbering of LG G4.

Being aware that this community has been very demanding with LG, especially in the beginning – the upgrade policy – I would like to know if you have changed the view you have on the brand over the years.