I know what the buyers like. Do you?

In the heavily saturated market of used mobile phone websites you have to get ahead in every way you can. The competition is fierce with used mobile buyback programs starting in nearly all major electronics stores. It’s no longer enough to offer the cheapest price as traditional, bricks and mortar shops have the advantage of simplicity and convenience. So what, as an online company in this sector, can you do?

First, you must remember that even though your company is technically buying the mobile phone off its customers. They are the real buyers and they are buying into our service. You can’t simply offer a great price for their mobile phone and expect the customers to come running to you. History has shown this rarely works in any business in the long run. It’s the entire package you have on offer, the service that surrounds the transaction needs a quality boost. Improving Your sefise will increase customer satisfaction. This will inturn lead to better reviews, positive word of mouth, but most importantly loyal customers that repeatedly reuse your service. This will put your company in a good position to generate greater profit and acquire security for the company in the medium and long term. Buyers like SellMyPhone.co.uk will really suit the purpose.

But how can you increase the quality of your customer service? You need to know what the buyers like. Below is a list of some of the areas that will help increase customer satisfaction.

Payment Methods

When a customer sells you a mobile phone as many payment methods as possible must be offered. You can’t just rely on Paypal and credit card payments. You need to offer more choice which could include store vouchers and cash or check payments.

Speed of Payment

Your customers are selling their possessions to you and they will want their money as soon as possible. A store can evaluate a phone, offer a price, buy it and give the money to a customer in minutes. Traditionally, an online company would need to evaluate a phone then send the payment out days after receiving it. This could be shortened by asking customers to evaluate the phone themselves. Another method is to have customers uploading photos of the phone.